“Once in a rare while people embrace a project and run with it – and create something that otherwise could never have been done with the means available.

‘Love is all’ … is a unique example of this.

Maybe ambitions were too high from the beginning – and maybe the fact that it is actually a music video with a continuous story line that has not been cut into small fragments plays a large part.

At any rate the result is an extraordinary and impressive production, which by no means would have been possible without all the people who threw their love into it.”

Klaus Christensen.

Art Director

Music Video // Infernal // Love is All… // Duration: 3:43

Client: Border Breakers

Production Company M2FILM

Director Jakob Øllgaard

DOP Erik Zappon

Steadycam Anders Holck

Editor Thomas Mikkelsen and Jakob Øllgaard

Compositing/VFX Matt Pendred, Kasper Jørgensen, Thomas Knudsen,

Lars Dahl, Niklas Pedersen, Peter Dahl Andersen,

Nicolaj Lyngbæk Larrson and Filip Standfeld

Grading Christina Glock

Screenplay Jakob Øllgaard, Erik Zappon and Klaus Christensen

Producer Klaus Christensen

Production Manager Mette Jellinge

Cast: Jonas Fonsholm, Steffen Nielsen, Margit Watt-Boolsen,

Sari Simonsen, Alice Snorradottir and Paw Lagermann

Extras: Sus-Noreen J. S. Wilkins, Louise Julie Pallesen, Jan Sommer,

Charlotte Thomsen, Nicolaj Lyngbæk Larrson, Kathrine Hornbak

Lasse Ørum and Peter Richardt

Art direction: Klaus Christensen

Scenography Finn Richardt and Klaus Christensen

Scenography ass. Jesper Krabbe and Lars Ladefoged

Scenography 2. ass. Jeannette Selvig, Kristian Viborg

Make-up Vivi Schmidt

Make-up nr. 2 Tina Kristoffersen

Styling and Costumes Christina Wedel

Focus Puller Kenneth Skovgaard Clausen

DIT Rasmus Pilgaard

Lighting tech. Peter Riis

Lighting tech. Ass. Anton Iversen and Andreas Berg

Sound FX: Dan Lumbye

Casting: Rasmus Geerthsen, Sara Julie Ejstrup Madsen, Mette Jellinge

Script Supervisor Mette Jellinge

Runner Christian Christensen

Production Ass Sara Julie Ejstrup Madsen

Post Coordinator Matt Pendred

Mastering Kim Linnemann