I’ve had the pleasure of starting up the new TV series GreyZone with Jesper W. as conceptual director, including myself as the photographer. All orchestrated by showrunner and producer Rasmus Thorsen, Cosmo Film. We started the preproduction in March this year and recordings began in June. We shot… Read More

Heidi Zilmer

Heidi Zilmer: By making these wallpapers I’m trying to combine a modern wallpaper material with the old Japanese shibori-technique normally used for fabrics. This type of paper can be treated as if it was a textile which gave me the idea to work with traditional Japanese garment dyeing… Read More

Rikke Frost

Stick around study – STAS An experiment with compressed bent oak and braided strings. Inspired by the snowshoes and their impact on the world. All 3 designs are based on one shape. The simplicity of the design and the few elements it consists of makes the details stand… Read More

The Day Will Come, The day is here.

April 21th, premiere. A big thank you to everyone who worked on this production: To the incredible actors big as small. To the crew making it possible to produce this very special movie. And finally to the crew for bringing this story to life. Thank you all, I’m… Read More

The Day Will Come

My very talented colourist, Anders Bloch-Rose, and I, have been in Trollhättan the last couple of weeks working on “The Day Will Come”. The story is built on incidents that happened in a boy’s orphanage in the late 1960’s. The film is directed by Jesper W. Nielsen, and… Read More

Camp Kitchen

I have had the great pleasure to work in cooperation with Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen, who are visual artists and film directors. Together they have produced many video art installations and documentary films. The first project we are working on together is Camp Kitchen, which Hanne and… Read More

Dicte is premiering on Wednesday 24th of September.

Colourist Anders Bloch-Rose and I have been working together for the last couple of weeks, making the final corrections on four out of ten episodes of the Danish crime TV-series, Dicte that I worked on in the spring. The new season of Dicte is premiering on Wednesday 24th of September. Iben Hjejle… Read More

Langhoff & Juul

Behind these two names are both an organic eatery and a merchant. Together with stylist, Helene Kofoed Sørensen, I have tried to create a style in the pictorial material that complements this unique space, which is both cozy and informal. Next time you’re in Aarhus, make a reservation at Langhoff… Read More

Location Dicte

Soon these locations will be filled with action and excitement. In the spring I worked on a Danish crime series called Dicte with Iben Hjejle as the main character. Jesper W. has instructed four out of ten episodes and I have been director of photography on these. The… Read More

Kongsvang – The everyday heroes

Under this headline I continued photographing the cleaning company, Kongsvang’s, employees at work. These people represent a full palate of different nationalities and backgrounds. It was a very meaningful assignment getting to highlight the strength and pride in the everyday hero, and also to work for a company with a… Read More


My second collaboration, DRIFTING, together with Birgit Johnsen and Hanne Nielsen is a documentary/fictive installation. DRIFTING is built on a true story from 2006, based on more than 40 articles from newspapers, websites and radio broadcasts. They all tell the story about the man who was found drifting… Read More

A great experiment

In May I experimented with Isabelle Reynaud, in an attempt to transfer the filmic Zoom trip to the scene in the theatre. In this attempt I also focused on intensifying the audience’s attention to what the instructor wished the audience to see and hear – and then exclude… Read More

Rikke Stenholt

Rikke Stenholt has created the cross, desk, chalice and baptismal font. We borrowed Jubo Staal’s location, which made sure to bring greatness and contrast to the pieces.