Outside/Inside Krøyer/Brøchner

By Saint Lucas Church in Frederiksbjerg, Aarhus, a new bench has become an important part of the urban space. With its half circle shape, the bench completes the kneeler found inside the church walls, creating a space for contemplation.   It openly invites everyone to have a rest or… Read More

Season 1 episode 1

Together with Olesya Kireeva from Act 3, we’ve been color grading GreyZone. The first five episodes are now finalized. The show will soon air in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. In Denmark the first episode will air on TV2, February 25th at 8PM. Olesya Kireeva Click to watch… Read More

Louis Home

Again together with the fabulous four: Line Thiesson, Art director. Mette Andreasen, Art Director. Lene Eriksen, stylist. Torben Qvist, Facility Manager.    

Borgen final episode

Director Jesper W Nielsen and Actor Sidse Babett. We have just finished shooting the final episode of the TV series Borgen. A big thank you to all the working people at Borgen, and also a big thank you for a great couple of weeks together with the most… Read More


I have been working several years on a personal portrayal of the upbringing of my children, seen with my own eyes through the camera, with the things and moments that has mattered to them and me. I think I am ready to carefully and slowly show them to… Read More

The Fir Tree

‘The Fir Tree’ has been selected for screening ASFF 2012, and will be shown at the festival from 8th – 11th November in the city of York. For the seventh time the film has been chosen to participate at film festivals.


  Congratulations to Borgen, Adam Price and especially Sidse Babett. Danmarks Radio’s drama series Borgen has been awarded the prestigious British BAFTA-award for best international TV-drama. Each year BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) celebrates the best works within the art forms of the moving… Read More

Lykke, director Jesper W

For the first time I’ve worked for Danmarks Radio, DR, and it’s been enlightening for me to be part of a production environment that has worked on the same series for several seasons. Working with another photographer at my side made it possible to shoot a scene from… Read More

Australien Living

I went on a trip Down Under to photograph a wide variety of homes for magazines. I enjoyed working in the warm sun with photographer Thomas Dalhoff, and some of the images can be seen at my site (Flash based).

Upstairs, Director Jesper Maintz

Director’s comments. First and foremost: horror is an individual thing. When it comes to horror, human beings differ widely. Some people get frightened by movies like Psycho and Halloween. Others get frightened by movies like Saw and Hostel. And even more people get frightened by ghost-movies, supernatural phenomena… Read More

Upstairs, watch the movie

UPSTAIRS UPSTAIRS After six years in a secure relationship with his loving girlfriend Rie, Jonas decides to take a stab at the freedom of being single but he is confronted with a world full of lonely, emotionless and sex fixated individuals. An infernal racket from his upstairs neighbor,… Read More